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33rd Annual Scientific Meeting proceedings

Stream:   |   Session: Short Communications ST + Oncology
Date/Time: 08-07-2023 (16:30 - 16:45)   |   Location:
Evaluation of systematic postoperative early ultrasound recheck after small intestinal surgery without pre-operative septic peritonitis
Griffeuille EG, Rafael PR, Soulé CS, Sériot PS*, Dugnié-Mérigot ADM*, Blond LB, Baudin-Tréhiou CBT, Gibert SG*
CHV Languedocia, Montpellier, France.

The mortality rate following enteric dehiscence in patients without preoperative septic peritonitis is reported to be 14-80%. Early dehiscence detection could avoid septic peritonitis and decrease hospitalization time, morbidity, and mortality. Ultrasound (US) is a noninvasive technique which could be used in the early postoperative period to identify post-operative enteric dehiscence. 

Materials and methods
A retrospective, records-based study was performed on dogs and cats undergoing small intestinal surgery between October 2016 and June 2021. Data collected included patient signalment, clinical signs, surgical procedures, preoperative and postoperative (48-72h) abdominal US findings, hospitalization duration, and postoperative complications. Univariate analysis was used to identify postoperative US findings associated with enteric dehiscence.

83 dogs and 38 cats were included in the study. Surgical sites were all visualized on early US recheck, and sutures were assessed in 89.3%. Enteric dehiscence was suspected for 0/38 cats and for 7/83 dogs (2/50 and 5/33 enterectomies respectively). Every dehiscence was confirmed during a second surgery except one, which was declined by the owner. No patients for which dehiscence was not suspected at US develop clinical signs of intestinal dehiscence. US findings statistically associated with early enteric dehiscence included presence of gas bubbles and liquid in the direct proximity of the intestinal surgical site, and suture discontinuity. Patient survival after revision surgery was 83%. Median hospitalization time after a second surgery for dehiscence was 2 days (2-4).

Early US recheck after small intestinal surgery is feasible and is well-correlated to patient outcome.

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