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Board Examination 

Please note: From 2017 onwards, the exam will be delivered over 3 days (schedule see below).

2019 - Monday, February 4th to Wedneday, February 6th

2020 - Monday, February 3rd to Wednesday, February 5th

Location: Vetsuisse Faculty University Zurich, Winterthurerstrasse 260, 8057 Zurich, Switzerland

Exam Documents and Application Process

Examination guide (pdf) and Confidentiality Form (doc)

Residents eligible to sit the exam will be notified by the Office during autumn of the year preceding the exam. To sign up for the exam, candidates need to submit the online application (via 'Your ECVS') and send a scan of the signed and dated confidentiality form to exam@ecvs.org by November 25th of the year preceding the exam.

The online application via 'Your ECVS' is only open to candidates who have been invited to sit the exam. If you believe you should be able to apply for the exam, but cannot, please contact exam@ecvs.org.

Reading lists from 2019 onwards:

  • Large animals - Please note that the new (2nd) edition of Fubini & Charme's Farm Animal Surgery has replaced the previous edition of this book.
  • Small animals - Please note that new edition of Tobias & Johnston: Veterinary Surgery Small Animals is expected reading from the 2019 exam onwards.

Mock Exam

Below you will find some examples of exam questions

  Small Animal Large Animal
Part I: Case-based
Part II: Practical


For further details and information on the ECVS, also have a look at the Exam - what to expect presentation.

Exam Schedule

Please note this schedule may be subject to change. If so, there will be ample advance notice given to candidates.

  • Evening preceeding the exam (approx. 18.00 h – exact time will follow with your personal schedule) information and briefing of examination procedures. You are expected to attend this briefing.
  • 1st day: Part I - case based section
    • morning: small animal examinees (potentially 2 groups)
    • afternoon: large animal examinees
  • 2nd day: Part II - practical section
    • morning: small animal examinees
    • afternoon: large animal examinees
  • 3rd day: Part III - multiple choice questions
    • morning: part 1 for small and large animal examiness
    • afternoon: part 2 for small and large animal examinees
    • Part III will consist of 170 multiple choice questions divided into two papers of 85 questions each and delivered over two half days, this allows approx. 2.8 minutes per multiple choice question (free navigation).
  • 3rd day: late afternoon / evening
    • right after the examination – examiners and candidates "get together" (your spouse is cordially invited)!

update 08.05.2017 / wsr

Getting Around

The following tram stops are close to the Vetsuisse faculty (Tierspital):

  • Tierspital (closest stop): trams no. 7 (black) and no. 9 (purple)
  • Milchbuck (walk through the Irchel park to the clinic): trams no. 7 (black), no. 9 (purple), no. 10 (pink) and no. 14 (blue)
  • Uni Irchel (walk through the Irchel park to the clinic): trams no. 9 (purple) and no. 10 (pink)

Campus map:

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