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ACVS Surgery Summit and Digital Webinars

2023 Surgery Summit
October 11, 2023: Laboratories
October 12–14, 2023: Seminars & Scientific Abstracts
Location: Kentucky International Convention Center, Louisville, KY

2023 Webinars
Learn from highly-skilled board-certified veterinary surgeons and other world-renowned experts.


VetPD Online Learning Center

Equine: panel discussions - upcoming live streams and available on demand
Work-Life-Balance in Equine Practice – FREE TO ALL VETS!
available on demand (3 hours)
Panelists: Simon Turner MRCVS, Julien Rishworth MRCVS & Ian Bellis MRCVS
Moderator: Richard Stephenson MRCVS

Veteducation.vet: Masterclasses

Level 1 Small Animal Laparoscopy for diplomates and residents
14 - 17 November, 2023
Location: Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Programme: Veteducation.vet organizes a level 1 laparoscopic training for diplomates, residents and specialists who are not practicing laparoscopy regularly. With the support of your ECVS colleagues, all world-renowned experts in the field of mini-invasive surgery (Gilles Dupré, Bart Van Goethem, Nikola Katic, Federico Massari), you will travel from your discovery level to the confidence’s one in laparoscopic surgeries.
A masterclass with

  • 6-8 hours of Webinars
  • 14-16 hours of lectures
  • 14-16 hours of wet-labs
  • Live surgeries
  • 4 experts for maximum 24 participants

See the full programme.
Book your seat now!
Any questions? Ask [email protected]

Vetami.nl: the Dutch alternative for postacademic training

TPLO Advanced: 2-day course
Faculty: Antonio Pozzi & Anneleen Spillebeen
Location: Kapel-Avezaath, the Netherlands
12/13 June 2023

TPLO Basic: 2-day course
Faculty: Antonio Pozzi & Anneleen Spillebeen
Location: Kapel-Avezaath, the Netherlands
14/15 June 2023

PDF Courses

Questions regarding the course, accommodation or transfers? Please contact our administration.

Veterinary CE of Colorado State University

Peer-to-peer Patello femoral Joint Summit on June 15/16, 2023

Equine arthroscopy hands-on training courses on 23 - 26 August, 2023


48th World Small Animal Veterinary Association Congress & 28th FECAVA EuroCongress (WSAVA 2023)
Celebrating the 26th APMVEAC Congress together with the XIX FIAVAC Congress 
27 – 29 September 2023
Lisbon, Portugal


Medtronic mini-invasive surgery MASTERCLASS

20 - 22 November 2023
IRCAD / EITS Hôpitaux Universitaires de Strasbourg, France
Prof. Dr. Gilles Dupré invites again to the 2nd phase of this advanced (level 2) course that offers a combination of theoretical lectures, dry and wet-labs that will help improve skills and address more advanced techniques into the abdomen and chest.

To register, please contact Mélanie Fancon.

Intermediate Equine Arthroscopy Course

21 - 22 March 2024
IAVANTE Advanced Clinical Simulation Centre, Granada, Spain
First Intermediate Equine Arthroscopy course developed in Europe, which aims to provide equine surgeons and surgery residents with in-depth training to be able to perform the different approaches to the joints, sheaths and bursa described in the programme.
Teaching staff: 
Ann Martens, DVM, PhD, Dip. ECVS. University of Ghent, Belgium
Fabrice Rossignol, DVM, Dip. ECVS. Equine Clinic de Grosbois, France
Luis Rubio-Martínez, DVM, PhD, Dip. ECVS. Sussex Equine Hospital, UK
David Argüelles, DVM, PhD, Dip. ECVS. University of Córdoba, Spain


Payment form (PDF) to be submitted to [email protected] along with your ad.


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