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Annual Scientific Meeting abstract submission

Submitting an abstract

Abstract Submission

Abstract submission for the 2020 Annual Scientific Meeting is now closed. The list of accepted abstracts will be communicated in March 2020.

To submit an abstract for consideraton for the Annual Scientific Meeting, please log in to the 'Your ECVS' area and then click 'Submit abstracts'.

Everybody is welcome to submit an abstract, not only ECVS Diplomates and Residents. Before submitting your abstract please read the submission guidelines carefully. The short abstract is limited to 250 words. From 2019 onwards, long abstracts are only required for the Resident Forum. Submissions for the general programme do not need to provide a long abstract.

Guidelines on Welfare and Ethics

Prior to acceptance of a manuscript, the authors must certify that all relevant legal and ethical requirements have been met with regards to the humane treatment of animals described in the study. Where required, the author(s) must specify in the Materials and Methods the ethical review committee approval process and the international, national, and/or institutional guidelines followed. For studies using client owned animals, the methods must demonstrate a high standard (best practice) of veterinary care and include informed client consent.  Manuscripts and authors that fail to meet these requirements and studies that involve unnecessary pain, distress, suffering, or lasting harm to animals will not be considered for review. The reviewer(s) retains the right to reject scientific abstracts, posters or grant proposals on the basis of any of the above welfare, legal, ethical or clinical concerns; in case of doubt prior to submission authors should contact the ECVS office and their query will be forwarded to the appropriate person.

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