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33rd Annual Scientific Meeting proceedings

Stream: SA   |   Session: Small Animal Resident Forum - Soft Tissue
Date/Time: 06-07-2023 (19:30 - 19:45)   |   Location: Chamber Hall
Anatomical Considerations for the Surgical Approach to the Accessory Lung Lobe
Mather AJ, Chanoit G*, Meakin L*, Friend E*
Small Animal Referral Hospital Langford, University of Bristol, Bristol, United Kingdom.

The anatomy of the Accessory lung lobe (ALL) parenchyma and bronchi have been well described previously, however a thorough description of the vasculature and pulmonary ligamentous attachments is currently lacking in the veterinary literature.  The anatomy of these structures is of critical importance when considering the surgical removal of this lobe.

To describe the relevant surgical anatomy associated with the ALL and describe and rank the feasibility of its removal through either a right lateral thoracotomy, left lateral thoracotomy or median sternotomy.

Fifteen adult canine cadavers, free of disease affecting the thoracic / pleural cavity and lung parenchyma.

Materials & Methods
Median sternotomy, and right and left lateral thoracotomies were performed. After refinement of the surgical technique in the first 6 cadavers, relevant variations in anatomy and surgical considerations were recorded with accompanying photos and transcribed voice notes for the final nine cadavers.

The pulmonary ligament attached to the ALL in a caudally pointing apex on the dorsal process of the lobe.  Medial and lateral extensions of the ALL were found. Considerable variation in the number and location of veins emerging from the ALL was observed. The ALL was most easily accessed by a right lateral thoracotomy. Although not optimal, removal of this lung lobe via median sternotomy was feasible.

Variation exists in the in the blood supply to the accessory lung lobe. It was most easily accessed via right lateral thoracotomy.

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