Become a Diplomate

ACVS Diplomates Board Examination

In order to become a Diplomate, veterinary surgeons, known as Residents, must undergo a rigorous Training Programme in either Large or Small Animal surgery, supervised by recognised veterinary specialists (Diplomates).

How to Become a Specialist

Find a concise summary of what it takes to become an ECVS Diplomate in the 'How to become a specialist' document.

Training Brochure

The ECVS Training Brochure covers all aspects and requirements of residency training in detail - read more here.

ACVS Diplomates

ACVS Diplomates may apply to obtain ECVS diplomate status - find out more here.

Board Examination

The ECVS board-certifying examination is the final step in becoming an ECVS Diplomate.

ACVS Diplomates wishing to obtain ECVS diplomate status

You have to seriously consider the following points before submitting the application file for evaluation and in case you find that any of these points do not meet your expectation of joining ECVS, now would be the time to stop the process.

1 By joining ECVS (in addition to ACVS) you will be required to pay two substantial membership fees (ACVS & ECVS). The Board of Regents of ECVS expects that you will pay your dues on time every year.
2 Upon receipt of your first year annual fee payment, the certificate will be sent to you.
3 Your membership should not only consist in paying your dues but in active participation and presence at the yearly Annual Meetings.
4 All members of ECVS are required to recertify at the end of 5 years. The Board of Regents of ECVS expects from you that you will fulfil this requirement on time.
5 Should you decide some time in the future that you would like to stop Membership of the ECVS, ECVS has the right to ask you to return the certificate to us.
6 If you can accept the above-mentioned criteria without hesitation, we welcome you to apply for ECVS diplomate status and submit your credentials as per the criteria and procedure detailed in the Book of Procedures, p. 70 / 71. Please submit the application file, as described in the Book of Procedures, for consideration by the Credentials Committe and the Board of Regents within the regular deadlines for the February, July or September meeting. One original signed file together with the electronic version of all documents (preferably as pdfs) must be submitted.

Further information and documents

ACVS Diplomates should be aware that the requirements of the ECVS Training Brochure are not identical to those of the ACVS. This should be borne in mind when submitting an application to the Board of Regents of the ECVS.