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Accepted abstracts - Small Animal

31st Annual Scientific Meeting, July 7-9, 2022, Porto, Portugal

Note: Final acceptance of abstracts may depend on any issues raised by the reviewers being addressed satisfactorily – individual authors will be contacted directly, and asked to respond within 14 days.

Presenting author: Abstract title: Accepted for:
LE. Chiti Surgical complications following sentinel lymph node biopsy with radiopharmaceutical and blue dye in tumor-bearing dogs: a mono-institutional retrospective study (2017-2021). Scientific session - Soft Tissue
RD. Paulino Prevalence of microorganisms and sensitivity profiles detected in peritoneal effusion of dogs and cats with septic peritonitis; effect of antibiotic appropriateness on patient outcome Scientific session - Soft Tissue
I. Faux Preoperative systemic inflammatory indexes as a prognostic tool in canine soft tissue sarcoma Scientific session - Soft Tissue
RF. Fontanini Roxane Regurgitation and hiatal hernia in brachycephalic breeds – is there a relationship? Scientific session - Soft Tissue
O. Glenn Accuracy of a client questionnaire at diagnosing surgical site infections in an active surveillance system Scientific session - Soft Tissue
N-C. Liu The effect of head position during computed tomography on nasopharyngeal patency in brachycephalic dogs with and without obstructive sleep disorders Scientific session - Soft Tissue
T. Aikawa Cervical Intervertebral Disc Disease in Small Breed Dogs. Breed-specific Differences in Age, Affected Site, Frequency of Disc Associated Vertebral Instability (307 dogs: 2000-2021) Scientific session - Orthopaedics
DJ. Duffy Influence of K-wire insertion angle and tension band wire fixation following tibial tuberosity transposition in dogs Scientific session - Orthopaedics
H. Eto The Effect of Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy on Cruciate Ligament Tension in Dogs Scientific session - Orthopaedics
B. Filliquist Metal reactivity in dogs with well-functioning orthopedic metal implants Scientific session - Orthopaedics
AB. Fracka 3-D Morphometry of the Canine Pelvis: Implications for Total Hip Replacement Scientific session - Orthopaedics
P. Garnier Nanoscopy for elbow joint exploration in dogs: a cadaveric study and small clinical case series Scientific session - Orthopaedics
D. Hulse CBLO/IA Allograft: A Pilot Project Scientific session - Orthopaedics
GMC. Jones Subchondral Bone Cysts predict presence and severity of osteoarthritis in canine elbows Scientific session - Orthopaedics
NR. Kieves Risk Factors for the Development of Stifle Injuries in Canine Agility Athletes Scientific session - Orthopaedics
DM. Marturello Accuracy of Anatomic 3-Dimensionally Printed Canine Humeral Models Scientific session - Orthopaedics
RA. Mullins Accuracy of pedicle pin placement in the canine thoracolumbar spine using a novel free-hand probing technique compared to 3D-printed patient-specific drill guides: a randomised ex-vivo study Scientific session - Orthopaedics
H. Eto Kinetic and kinematic gait analysis in small-breed dogs with medial patellar luxation Scientific session - Orthopaedics
C. Zindl Implantation of press-fit acetabular cups: Comparison of a navigated to the free-hand technique Scientific session - Orthopaedics
N. Comas Observation of rising blood glucose levels during insulinoma resection improves tumour free survival and eliminates stage as a negative prognostic factor Resident's Forum - Small Animal Soft Tissue
SDZ. David Evaluation of urethral orifice diameter and residual urethral length after perineal, subpubic and transpelvic urethrostomy in male cats: a cadaveric study Resident's Forum - Small Animal Soft Tissue
PH. Franklin Comparison of the effectiveness of three different rhinoplasty techniques to correct stenotic nostrils using 3D printed remoulded models Resident's Forum - Small Animal Soft Tissue
O. Gilman A comparison of harmonic and traditional sharp staphylectomy techniques in 15 brachycephalic dogs. Resident's Forum - Small Animal Soft Tissue
T. Hernon The effect of flushing the common bile duct during cholecystectomy for biliary mucoceles in dogs: A prospective randomized controlled trial Resident's Forum - Small Animal Soft Tissue
JN. Janssen Osteopontin and Ki-67 Expression in Canine Meningioma Resident's Forum - Small Animal Soft Tissue
JK. Kuzminsky Longitudinal evaluation of student progression in suturing through use of computer models and standardized grading rubrics on a novel skin pad model Resident's Forum - Small Animal Soft Tissue
A. Song Volumetric analysis and comparison of the tongue and tongue fat of brachycephalic and mesaticephalic dogs Resident's Forum - Small Animal Soft Tissue
M. Vagias Perioperative characteristics, histologic diagnosis, complications, and outcomes of dogs undergoing percutaneous drainage, sclerotherapy or surgical management of intrarenal cystic lesions: 18 dogs (2004-2021) Resident's Forum - Small Animal Soft Tissue
J. Vodnarek Inter- and intra-observer agreement in evaluating the nasopharyngeal dimensions in pugs and French bulldogs by the mean of fluoroscopic examination Resident's Forum - Small Animal Soft Tissue
C. Banks A mismatch of planning and achieved tibial plateau angle in cranial closing wedge surgery; an in silico & clinical evaluation Resident's Forum - Small Animal Orthopaedics
JD. Crowley Lateral fenestration of lumbar intervertebral discs in rabbits: development and characterisation of an in-vivo preclinical model with multi-modal endpoint analysis Resident's Forum - Small Animal Orthopaedics
B. de Bruyn Orthogonal plating increases construct stiffness for three working lengths in an in vitro diaphyseal fracture gap model Resident's Forum - Small Animal Orthopaedics
J. Espinel Rupérez Arthroscopic-assisted hip toggle stabilisation in the cat: description of technique, feasibility and safety Resident's Forum - Small Animal Orthopaedics
LM. Goffart Accuracy of Fluoroscopy in Predicting Implant Position in Relation to the Vertebral Canal in Canine Cadavers Resident's Forum - Small Animal Orthopaedics
L. Moreira Predicting tibial plateau angles following four different types of cranial closing wedge ostectomy Resident's Forum - Small Animal Orthopaedics
CWD. Oorsprong Comparison of computed tomography findings and surgical outcome between French Bulldogs and non-brachycephalic dogs with cervical intervertebral disc herniation Resident's Forum - Small Animal Orthopaedics
WB. Phipps Long term outcome after shoulder arthrodesis with two locking compression plates Resident's Forum - Small Animal Orthopaedics
T. Wiersema Intra-discal sustained release of celecoxib: randomized controlled study in dogs with degenerative disc disease Resident's Forum - Small Animal Orthopaedics
W. Wiseman Modified triple tibial osteotomy for cranial cruciate ligament disease - description and clinical findings in 311 dogs Resident's Forum - Small Animal Orthopaedics
TM. Åhlberg Treatment of canine perineal hernia: a prospective randomised follow-up study of two surgical techniques Poster - Small Animal Soft Tissue
L. Bondonny Case report of surgical management of a gallbladder hypoplasia associated with bile peritonitis in a 4-month-old Pyrenean Mountain dog. Poster - Small Animal Soft Tissue
V. Brandstetter Autologous nerve transplantation as a treatment for painful traumatic neuroma of the tibial nerve in a dog Poster - Small Animal Soft Tissue
A. Cabaleiro-González Accuracy of a 3D-Printed Surgical Saw Guide Device for Corrective Ostectomies in Dogs with Angular Limb Deformities - in Vitro Study Poster - Small Animal Orthopaedics
L. Ciammaichella Serratia marcescens polyostotic osteomyelitis in a cat Poster - Small Animal Orthopaedics
AJ. Currie Outcome following typhlectomy in canine patients. Poster
ACP. Ana Cristina Piroth Perineal hernia: Does every dog really need bilateral treatment? Poster
D. Drudi Cosmetic reconstruction of caudal and central caudal maxillectomies in 14 dogs using cerclage wire with or without poly-propylene mesh Poster
L. Economu Surgical Treatment and Outcomes of Intrahepatic Shunts in 12 Cats Poster
H. González Montaño Traumatic pulmonary pseudocysts. A case series and review of the literature Poster
M. JACQMIN Ex vivo biomechanical evaluation of three bone anchors on the distal femur of cats Poster - Small Animal Orthopaedics
M. JACQMIN Transoral ventral tympanic bulla osteotomy in the cat: a cadaveric study. Poster - Small Animal Soft Tissue
M. JACQMIN Retro-orbital epithelial tumor removal by a complete lateral orbitotomy with zygomatic arch resection in a cat. Poster - Small Animal Soft Tissue
E. Maurice A new biodegradable synthetic ligament for cranial cruciate ligament augmentation in an ovine model: Histological and biomechanical study Poster
B. Murray Assessing the Expression of Lactate Dehydrogenase in Canine Oral Malignant Melanoma Poster
KM. Pratschke Is there a role for combined systemic inflammatory indices as prognostic tools for cutaneous mast cell tumours in dogs? Poster
A. Rodrigues Santos Hemilaminectomy using ball versus matchstick burr – a canine cadaveric study Poster
JR. Roels Early Clinical Experience with A Novel Anatomic Angle-Stable interlocking Nail for Fracture Repair in Dogs and Cats Poster - Small Animal Orthopaedics
P. Peláez Intra-osseous Application of Plasma Rich in Growth Factors and Adipose Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Rabbits with Acute Cartilage Defects: Macroscopic Evaluation Poster - Small Animal Orthopaedics
R. Vallefuoco Clinical and radiographic evaluation of dorsal pancarpal arthrodesis without interfragmentary compression and without post-operative external coaptation in dogs. Poster
R. Vallefuoco Rotation alar fold flap for lower nasal planum reconstruction: description of the technique and outcome in 3 dogs Poster - Small Animal Soft Tissue