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Accepted abstracts - Small Animal

28th Annual Scientific Meeting, July 4-6, 2019, Budapest Congress Centre BCC, Budapest, Hungary

Note: Final acceptance of abstracts may depend on any issues raised by the reviewers being addressed satisfactorily – individual authors will be contacted directly, and asked to respond within 14 days.

When preparing your lecture, please remember that the attendees of the ECVS congress are board certified surgeons and residents or equivalent. As such, your presentation shall be tailored for specialists and is to be supported by the most recent knowledge, literature and evidence. Please also refer to these tips about lecturing at international meetings and the speaker guidelines with technical instructions (also for posters).

Presenting author: Abstract title: Accepted for:
Brittany Abrams Complications and Outcome Following Surgery for Treatment of Gastric Carcinoma in 40 Dogs (2004-2018): A Veterinary Society of Surgical Oncology Retrospective Study Scientific session - Soft Tissue
Kazushi Asano Novel surgical strategy for en bloc resection of right divisional hepatocellular carcinoma involving the caudal vena cava in dogs Scientific session - Soft Tissue
Patricia Beer A comparison of near-infrared fluorescence imaging, lymphoscintigraphy and methylene blue dye method for intraoperative sentinel lymph node mapping in canine mast cell tumors: a prospective case series. Scientific session - Soft Tissue
Frances Bird Sinuscopic debridement and treatment of sinonasal aspergillosis in 10 patients Scientific session - Soft Tissue
Laurencie Brunel Evaluation of different methods of securing cellophane bands for portosystemic shunt attenuation. Scientific session - Soft Tissue
Lavinia Elena Chiti Lip-to-nose flap for reconstruction of the nasal planum after wide excision of squamous cell carcinoma in 7 cats Scientific session - Soft Tissue
Alessandro Conte Computed tomographic comparison of oesophageal hiatal size in small brachycephalic and non-brachycephalic breed dogs Scientific session - Soft Tissue
Hilde de Rooster Sentinel lymph node mapping by near-infrared fluorescence imaging and contrast-enhanced ultrasound in healthy dogs Scientific session - Soft Tissue
Nausikaa Devriendt Agreement between arterial and venous lactate concentrations in critically ill dogs Scientific session - Soft Tissue
Roberta Ferrari Sentinel lymph node biopsy guided by combination technique (lymphoscintigraphy and blue dye) for mast cell tumour in dogs: results in 31 consecutive cases Scientific session - Soft Tissue
Kumiko Ishigaki A resorbable self-locking loop tested in a case series of canine lung lobectomy Scientific session - Soft Tissue
Ronan Mullins Prognostic factors for short-term survival of dogs that develop post-attenuation seizures following surgical correction of single congenital extrahepatic portosystemic shunts: 93 cases (2005-2018) Scientific session - Soft Tissue
Tibor Németh Prospective evaluation of correlations between certain clinical findings of perineal hernia in 47 dogs. Scientific session - Soft Tissue
Ameet Singh Comparison of long term outcome following surgical attenuation of a single, congenital, extrahepatic portosystemic shunt using either thin film banding or ameroid ring constrictor in 140 dogs Scientific session - Soft Tissue
Thomas Anderson Complications following tibial plateau levelling osteotomy in large- and giant-breed dogs stabilised with multiple, locking plates Scientific session - Orthopaedics
Daniel James Duffy The impact of epitendinous suture-bite placement from the transection site on the biomechanical stability of flexor tendon repairs in an ex-vivo cadaveric canine laceration model. Scientific session - Orthopaedics
Kazuya Edamura Analysis of joint movement in canine stifle joint using 4D-CT Scientific session - Orthopaedics
Thibault Godineau Abdominal surgical approach to the thoracolumbar spine in the dog – a descriptive cadaveric study Scientific session - Orthopaedics
Kenneth A. Johnson Computer Navigated Jig Pin Placement in Tibial Plateau Levelling Osteotomy Scientific session - Orthopaedics
Danielle Marturello Clinical Application of the Small I-Loc Nail in 15 Cats Scientific session - Orthopaedics
Miguel Solano Short term outcome and complications following surgical stabilization of canine tibial fractures with biplanar plate fixation Scientific session - Orthopaedics
Arnaud Baldinger Surgical correction of cor triatriatum dexter in four dogs with venous inflow occlusion Resident's Forum
Thomas Bitterli Investigation of the Tumor Necrosis Factor Superfamily in canine degenerative spinal disease Resident's Forum
Johan Caraty Comparison of the different supports used in veterinary medicine for pressure sore prevention and the identification of the most affected anatomical zones Resident's Forum
Darren Carwardine Stabilisers of the feline shoulder and ex vivo ligament reconstruction. Resident's Forum
Kyle Chu Ex-vivo comparison of leakage pressure and leakage location using a novel technique for creation of a functional side-to-side small intestinal anastomoses of canine tissues Resident's Forum
Christina Cocca Influence of epitendinous suture pattern in addition to a core locking loop suture in a canine cadaveric flexor tendon model. Resident's Forum
Tiare Delaune Use of a transabdominal organ retraction device (T'LIFT®) for laparoscopic ovariectomy in dogs Resident's Forum
Meike Hammer Traumatic pelvic fractures in 280 cats: Associated injuries and risk factors for death Resident's Forum
Charlotte Howes Clinical outcomes following surgery for spontaneous pneumothorax caused by pulmonary blebs and bullae – a multicentre retrospective study Resident's Forum
Malcolm Jack Transdiaphragmatic approach for open-chest cardiopulmonary resuscitation in dogs: a cadaver feasibility study Resident's Forum
Stephen Martin Evaluation of complication rates in cruciate deficient canine stifles stabilised with locking TPLO plates; anti-rotational K-wire in-situ, 55 cases. Resident's Forum
Joanna McCagherty Investigation of the in vitro antimicrobial activity of triclosan-coated suture material on bacteria commonly isolated from canine wounds Resident's Forum
Nima Nakahara Hard palate defect repair using haired angularis oris axial pattern flap in dogs. Resident's Forum
Anna Nutt Comparison of muscle-sparing and non muscle-sparing lateral thoracotomy on post-operative pain and lameness – a randomized controlled trial Resident's Forum
Kirsi Piirainen Are postoperative antimicrobials necessary to maintain an acceptable SSI rate in canine clean orthopedic and neurosurgeries? Resident's Forum
Tjarda Reints Bok Lumbosacral fusion using instrumented SynCage® distraction-fixation in a dog with degenerative lumbosacral stenosis. Resident's Forum
Lucas Smolders Investigation of the effects of foraminotomy and intervertebral distraction on the volume of the lumbosacral intervertebral foramen: an ex vivo study. Resident's Forum
Bryden Stanley Macroglossia: An Additional Anatomic Characteristic of Brachycephalism Resident's Forum
Fabian Trefny Effect of Plate Span on Construct Stiffness and Strain in a Synthetic Fracture Gap Model Stabilised with a Locking Plate. Resident's Forum
Claudia Zindl A three-dimensional surgical planning workflow for determining acetabular orientation in dogs Resident's Forum
Brittany Abrams Segmental Mandibulectomy as a Novel Adjunct Management Strategy for the Treatment of an Advanced Cholesteatoma in a Dog Poster
Masoud Aghapour Femoral and tibial alignment in Chihuahuas with medial patellar luxation: Angular values and intra- and inter-observer agreement of measurements Poster
Raya Atamna The effect of a cricoid stent on the rima glottidis and intraluminal laryngeal pressure in dogs Poster
Elena Belluzzi Vertebral angiomatosis recurrence in a 14 months old Maine Coon cat. Poster
Frances Bird Titanium mesh system for the treatment of maxillo-facial fractures in 3 dogs. Poster
Ilana Birnbaum Modified axis laminotomy for cervical meningioma treatment in an 8-year-old Irish terrier Poster
Margaux Blondel Type IV dermoid sinus and intramedullary dermoid cyst associated with spina bifida in a Cane Corso: a case report Poster
Paolo Camilletti Outcome of nonviable nonunion fractures in dogs and cats treated with autologous corticocancellous bone graft and circular external skeletal fixation. Poster
Sara Del Magno Congenital lobar emphysema, hiatal hernia and secondary nutritional hyperparathyroidism in a 2 month-old kitten. Poster
Giulia Dolce Two-port laparoscopic prophylactic gastropexy via extracorporeal full-tickness body wall suture combined with ovariectomy in two dogs Poster
Daniel James Duffy Comparison of clinical outcomes and prognostic factors following normograde or retrograde catheterization of the common bile duct during cholecystectomy in dogs with confirmed gall bladder mucocele. Poster
Daniel James Duffy The effect of interlocking horizontal-mattress epitendinous suture placement on the biomechanical properties of tendon repairs in an ex-vivo canine cadaveric calcaneal tendon laceration model. Poster
Armiche Fernandez-Sanchez An articular type II Monteggia fracture with concurrent humeroulnar luxation in a Bengal cat Poster
Ines Gordo The use of methylene blue for parotidectomy due to benign disease in 3 dogs Poster
Odd Viking Höglund Topical administration of lidocaine on mesovarium during ovariohysterectomy in cats Poster
Gemma Holloway A Case of Humeral Intracondylar Fissure Progressing to Lateral Condylar Fracture in a Cat Poster
Panagiotis Kokkinos Spinal fractures and luxations in dogs: A retrospective study (2010-2015) Poster
Martin Marcos Pulmonary valve replacement under cardiopulmonary bypass with beating heart in a porcine model. Poster
William Marshall Bioengineering a novel growth factor system for fracture non-union: first successful treatment of a dog Poster
Matt Matiasovic Long-term comparison of thin film banding with ameroid ring constrictor for the treatment of extrahepatic congenital portosystemic shunts in dogs Poster
Comas Núria Laparoscopic treatment of a paraprostatic cyst in a dog Poster
Michelle Oblak Use of a custom additive manufactured titanium plate for cranioplasty in a dog with multilobular osteochodrosarcoma Poster
Pierre Picavet Liver lobe torsion in a cat presented with hemoabdomen. Poster
Steven Pil Unexpected morphologies hamper surgical dissection and ligation of persistent ductus arteriosus in dogs Poster
Charles Porsmoguer Surgical treatment of feline intracranial meningiomas : a retrospective study of 26 cases Poster
Giovanna Redolfi Surgical reduction of sacro-caudal luxation in dog with loss of tail mobility and deep pain nociception: a case report Poster
Philippe Rochereau Surgical Treatment of a Type Ib Choledochal Cyst using Choledochojejunostomy in a Domestic Shorthair Cat Poster
Paul Sériot Surgical findings and treatment of spontaneous pneumothorax secondary to confirmed or suspected migrating vegetal foreign body in 27 dogs and 1 cat Poster
Anna Shipov The effect of perineal urethrostomy on the urethra of the cat. A cadaveric study Poster
Mathieu Taroni Features of the canine C2-C3 spinal cord vascular environment Poster
Véronique Viateau Induced-membrane technique for the treatment of chronic post-traumatic osteomyelitis requiring massive segmental bone resection in two dogs Poster
Jakub Vodnárek Combined extra- and intraoral approach maxillectomy with ventral orbitectomy for excision of oral tumours in cats Poster