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Accepted abstracts - Large Animal

28th Annual Scientific Meeting, July 4-6, 2019, Budapest Congress Centre BCC, Budapest, Hungary

Note: Final acceptance of abstracts may depend on any issues raised by the reviewers being addressed satisfactorily – individual authors will be contacted directly, and asked to respond within 14 days.

When preparing your lecture, please remember that the attendees of the ECVS congress are board certified surgeons and residents or equivalent. As such, your presentation shall be tailored for specialists and is to be supported by the most recent knowledge, literature and evidence. Please also refer to these tips about lecturing at international meetings and the speaker guidelines with technical instructions (also for posters).

Presenting author: Abstract title: Accepted for:
Ditte Marie Top Adler Bidirectional knotless barbed versus conventional smooth suture for closure of surgical wounds in inguinal castration in horses Scientific session - General
David Manuel Bolt Use of Positive Contrast Radiography to Assess for Synovial Infection in Horses with Limb Wounds Scientific session - General
Tamara de Beauregard Recurrent Nephrosplenic Entrappement : Comparison of short-term and long-term outcome of laparoscopic nephrosplenic space closure with barbed knotless suture in horses with (6) or without (6) nephrosplenic entrappement at the time of surgery. Scientific session - General
Pablo Espinosa-Mur In-vitro evaluation of adjustable prosthesis with stress reducing washers for arytenoid cartilage abduction in horses. Scientific session - General
Cajsa Marie Isgren High multi-drug resistance in catheter-related infections, surgical site infections and skin wounds from horses. Scientific session - General
Gal Kelmer Preliminary assessment of risk factors for post anaesthetic pulmonary oedema in adult horses Scientific session - General
Judith Koenig Evaluation of the significance of arthropathy of the cervical facet joints in horses Scientific session - General
Luis Pardon Lamas A minimally invasive technique to resolve impactions of the small colon. Scientific session - General
Olivier M. Lepage Topical skin adhesive and knotless barbed absorbable material for ventral equine abdominoplasty: a comparative clinical study Scientific session - General
Tina Rocktäschel Evaluation of two surgical hand disinfection procedures in a university equine hospital Scientific session - General
Stephanie Speck Monitoring of routine hygiene management in an equine hospital Scientific session - General
Aleksandar Vidovic Arthrodesis of the Equine Proximal Interphalangeal Joint: A Biomechanical Comparison of Two Different Systems Containing an Axial Locking Compression Plate and Two Abaxial Transarticular Cortical Screws Scientific session - General
William Barker Computed tomographic assessment of 110 fractures of the distal condyles of the third metacarpal/metatarsal bones (condylar fractures) in a clinical setting in 103 Thoroughbred racehorses Scientific session - Orthopaedics
Andrew Bathe Tearing of the palmar aspect of the intersesamoidean ligament as primary pathology of the digital tendon sheath: an endoscopic diagnosis in two horses Scientific session - Orthopaedics
Bruce Murray Bladon A Simplified Arthroscopic Approach to the Caudal Pouches of the Equine Lateral Femorotibial Joint Scientific session - Orthopaedics
Palle Brink Fibromodulin neo-epitope assay is a sensitive indicator of joint disease in horses Scientific session - Orthopaedics
Federica Cantatore Comparison of two different techniques for analgesia of the deep branch of the lateral plantar nerve in horses. Scientific session - Orthopaedics
Antonio M. Cruz Inter-evaluator and intra-evaluator reliability of kinematic variables obtained by an extremity-mounted inertial measurement unit system in sound horses at the trot under soft and hard ground conditions and treadmill exercise Scientific session - Orthopaedics
Pablo Espinosa-Mur 18F-Sodium Fluoride Positron Emission Tomography findings of the equine tarsal and proximal metatarsal regions Scientific session - Orthopaedics
Johanna Hoffmann Bilateral change in pressure distribution in horses with unilateral forelimb lameness before and after positive diagnostic anaesthesia – a case study Scientific session - Orthopaedics
Michelle A. Jackson The use of an aiming device and computed tomography for treatment of articular pedal bone fractures in horses Scientific session - Orthopaedics
Stine Jacobsen Neutrophil Gelatinase-Associated Lipocalin (NGAL) for Detection of Septic and Aseptic Joint Inflammation Scientific session - Orthopaedics
Sheila Laverty A comparative study of the ultrasonographic examination, magnetic resonance imaging and histology of the equine meniscus - preliminary findings Scientific session - Orthopaedics
Danielle Marturello Tibial Fracture Repair Using an Angle-Stable Interlocking Nail in Two Calves Scientific session - Orthopaedics
Russell Alexander Parker Osteochondral fragmentation of the cervical articular process joints in a population of horses with cervical pain and/or ataxia. Scientific session - Orthopaedics
Tijn J.P. Spoormakers Subjective scoring of equine back mobility:inter-rater reliability. Scientific session - Orthopaedics
Nicolas Vos Arthroscopic articular cartilage resurfacing with self-attaching in-situ forming conjugated hydrogels: in-vitro research model development in the horse. Scientific session - Orthopaedics
Martin Waselau MRI-Findings in Relation to Diagnostic Anesthesia – Observations in 88 Cases of Distal Limb Pathology Scientific session - Orthopaedics
Bjørn Wormstrand Do Locally Administered Antibiotics Reach Growth Cartilage Canals? Scientific session - Orthopaedics
Michael Joseph DeCozar Serum amyloid A and plasma fibrinogen concentrations in horses following emergency exploratory celiotomy. Resident's Forum
Sjoerd K. Frietman An alternative single-stage technique for the reconstruction of third degree perineal lacerations in horses: “Utrecht Repair Technique” Resident's Forum
Kajsa Gustafsson Time of peak concentration of amikacin in the antebrachiocarpal joint following regional limb perfusion of the cephalic vein in standing horses Resident's Forum
Nicola Lynch Ex vivo Modelling of the Airflow Dynamics and Two- and Three-dimensional Biomechanics of Prosthetic Laryngoplasty Suture Placements in the Equine Larynx Resident's Forum
Matteo Mereu Evaluation of Four Techniques for Injection of the Proximal Interphalangeal Joint (PIPJ) in Horses Resident's Forum
Peter Milner Neurovascular variations in the proximal plantar metatarsal region of the horse Resident's Forum
Raymond Pujol Retroperitoneoscopy in the horse: Anatomical study of the retroperitoneal space and description of a surgical approach Resident's Forum
Nicole Schulze Evaluation of range of motion of adjacent cervical vertebral segments after surgical fusion of C3/4 in the horse using 3D and 4D Computed Tomography Resident's Forum
Sabrina Skov Hansen The occurrence of radiocarpal joint perforation during carpal sheath tenoscopy using two different tenoscopic approaches Resident's Forum
Nicole Verhaar The effect of xylazine and lidocaine on ischemia-reperfusion injury in an experimental model of equine jejunal ischemia Resident's Forum
Mohamad Al Naem Investigation of the load distribution pattern in laminitic horses using the Hoof™ System Poster
Willem Back The use of computer-assisted equine locomotor assessment in breed-related differences in clinical presentation of proximal suspensory desmitis Poster
Gabriel Cuevas Ramos Development of a standardized and repeatable protocol to obtain highly concentrated platelet rich plasma for horses Poster
Tamara de Beauregard Prognosis and Complications after Autologous Implantation as a treatment for Aggressive Equine Sarcoids (35 horses): Three cases of Sarcoid Growth at Implantation site. Poster
Eva De Clercq Partial aneurysmectomy and autologous patch venoplasty of the jugular vein in a horse Poster
David Devaux Subluxation of the elbow joint in cattle - a case series Poster
Jos Ensink Diagnostic and surgical approach for removal of metallic foreign bodies in the tongue of horses Poster
Luis Javier Ezquerra Calvo Ear canal stenosis in a foal: CT evaluation and Zepp surgery Poster
Alex Gillen Meta-analysis of the effect of treatment options on the survival of horses with nephrosplenic entrapment Poster
Alex Gillen A pilot study to evaluate the in vitro performance of the double forwarder knot, compared to square and surgeon’s knots using large gauge suture Poster
Kajsa Gustafsson Accumulation of amikacin in synovial fluid when given in combination with dexamethasone in intravenous regional limb perfusion in standing horses Poster
Kajsa Gustafsson Accumulation of Metronidazole in Synovial Fluid Following Regional Limb Perfusion in Standing Horses Poster
Kajsa Gustafsson The use of medical grade honey as a prophylactic local antimicrobial in equine long bone fracture repair Poster
Simon Izing Successful repair of a diaphragmatic hernia with simultaneously performed thoracotomy and median laparotomy in a horse Poster
Luis Pardon Lamas Postoperative fever in horses: How to know if it is piroplasmosis? Poster
Gonzalo Marañón Klotho depletion could contribute to Increased Inflammation secondary to intestinal ischemia-reperfusion Poster
Bartłomiej Obrochta Conservative treatment of a comminuted fracture of the fourth carpal bone in a yearling Arabian mare Poster
Charles Saban Equine PRP: Quality assessment after storage and different methods of activation on growth factor bioavailability Poster
Carmen Juliette Scheffer Anatomical variation of the occipital crest in young Dutch Warmblood horses: A radiographic study. Poster
Marlies Verkade Comparison of the length and width of the linea alba in the standing and dorsally recumbent horse Poster
Nicolas Vos Creation of a standard lesion in the articular cartilage of the rabbit by arthroscopic approach; introduction an operating cradle to standardise the procedure. Poster
Linda Wright Patellar Ligament Desmopathy in Sports Horse Hind-limb Push-off Lameness Poster
André Zoppa Carbon-nanotube-chitosan-hydroxyapatite composite enriched or not with mesenchymal stem cells for potential use in bone defects - An experimental study Poster