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Accepted abstracts - Large Animal

2021 ECVS 30th Annual Scientific Meeting (online) 8-10 July 2021

Note: Final acceptance of abstracts may depend on any issues raised by the reviewers being addressed satisfactorily – individual authors will be contacted directly, and asked to respond within 14 days.

Presenting author: Abstract title: Accepted for:
Neal Matthew Ashton Tenoscopic desmotomy of the accessory ligament of the superficial digital flexor tendon (AL-SDFT) to treat superficial digital flexor tendonitis (SDFTs) in 19 FEI event horses Scientific session - General
Kate Averay Probability of and factors influencing horse owner’s decision to consent to exploratory laparotomy Scientific session - General
Nora Biermann Use of passive surveillance of multidrug-resistant organism to improve infection control program Scientific session - General
Olivier Brandenberger Endoscopic Progression of Recurrent Laryngeal Neuropathy in an Uniform Population of Warmblood Horses Scientific session - General
Olivier Brandenberger Maintenance of Arytenoid Cartilage Abduction With the Use of Metallic Suture Buttons on the Cricoid After Laryngoplasty in 78 Horses Scientific session - General
Olivier Brandenberger Effect of Bio-Electro-Magnetic-Energy-Regulation (BEMER)-horse therapy on Cardiopulmonary Function and Recovery Quality after isofluran anesthesia in 100 horses subjected to pars-plana vitrectomy Scientific session - General
Sabine Brandt Efficient Immunotherapy of Equine Sarcoids Using Live-Attenuated Recombinant Influenza Viruses Co-Expressing Shuffled Bovine Papillomavirus Type 1 Oncogenes Scientific session - General
Christian Byrne Equine prosthetic laryngoplasty technique and case management: A survey of veterinary surgeons Scientific session - General
Victoria Colgate Outcome and Racing Performance of 194 horses undergoing standing fracture repair (2007-2018) Scientific session - General
Florent David Indications, Technical Aspects and Pitfalls with the Use of Absorbable Bone Screws in Equine Surgery Scientific session - General
Joshua Davison Outcome following traumatic pelvic fracture involving the acetabulum in Thoroughbred racehorses trained in Newmarket, UK Scientific session - General
Therese de Souza A scoping review to identify factors associated with treatment outcome following synovial sepsis Scientific session - General
Mathilde Ducrocq Microstructural changes at the osteochondral junction in naturally occurring osteoarthritis of the equine medial femorotibial joint Scientific session - General
Maelle Farfan Retrospective Study on Surgical Management of Laryngoplasty Complications and Associated Outcome Scientific session - General
Maelle Farfan Surgical Management of Comminuted Fractures of the Proximal Phalanx using a Biological Bridge Plating Technique with an LCP Femoral Plate Scientific session - General
Nicolas Giraud Challenging surgical treatment by tendinoplasty of an Achilles tendon rupture in a goat. Scientific session - General
Santiago D. Gutierrez-Nibeyro Evaluation of the Airway Mechanics of Modified Toggle Laryngoplasty Constructs using a Vacuum Chamber Airflow Model Scientific session - General
Rabea Haddad Temporary Pan-carpal Arthrodesis as a Treatment of Distal Radial Fracture in a Pony Scientific session - General
Charlotte Hewitt-Dedman Arthroscopic removal of palmar intermediate carpal bone fracture fragments in four horses using a transthecal approach through the carpal sheath of the flexor tendons Scientific session - General
Cajsa Marie Isgren Peri-operative antimicrobial treatment and antimicrobial susceptibility in horses with surgical site infections in the United Kingdom Scientific session - General
Jessica Johnson Meniscal Disruption in 3 Neonatal Foals Associated with Septic Arthritis Scientific session - General
Louis Kamus The radiographic assessment of medial femorotibial periarticular osteophytes is most reliable at the equine femoral condyle for the diagnosis of osteoarthritis Scientific session - General
Christoph Koch Computer-assisted orthopaedic surgery in horses Scientific session - General
Christoph Koch Computer-Assisted Dental and Sinus Surgery in Horses Scientific session - General
Olivier M. Lepage Effect of Topical Oxygen Therapy on guttural pouch mycotic lesions: an experimental and clinical study in horses Scientific session - General
Christoph Lischer Arthroscopic Fragment Removal for Treatment of Equine Cervical Articular Process Joint Osteochondrosis Scientific session - General
Ann Martens Laparoscopic configuration of the nephrosplenic space in horses and its influence on left dorsal large colon displacement Scientific session - General
Endrigo Pompermayer One-stage standing laparoscopic gonadectomy and genitoplasty in an equine male pseudohermaphrodite with XX karyotype. Scientific session - General
Camilla Pudney Immediate pre-operative computed tomography for surgical planning of equine fracture repair: a retrospective review of 55 cases. Scientific session - General
Julien Racine Laparoscopic partial suturing of the vaginal ring in 10 mature stallions Scientific session - General
Tijn J.P. Spoormakers Ex vivo CT diagnosed degenerative articular changes in the equine thoracic spine. Scientific session - General
Tijn J.P. Spoormakers Back movement and muscle activity changes in horses with induced fore- and hindlimb lameness at trot Scientific session - General
Nazaré Storms Lamellar neutrophil myeloperoxydase infiltration in hyperinsulinemic-induced laminitis Scientific session - General
Janine Astrid Terschuur Benefits of superglue mesh closure following exploratory laparotomy in horses Scientific session - General
Adeline Tischmacher Efficacy of tiludronate: retrospective study on 343 horses Scientific session - General
Ana Velloso Alvarez Hybrid natural orifice transluminal endoscopy surgery (NOTES) to perform bilateral ovariectomy in mares Scientific session - General
Martin Waselau Bone edema in equine stifles – A real threat? Scientific session - General
Ariane Campos Schweitzer Electromyographic study of the sternomandibularis muscle ahead of laryngeal reinnervation with the spinal accessory nerve Resident's Forum
Ana Sofia Coelho Ramos Prevalence and characteristics of osteochondrosis in Lusitano Purebred horses Resident's Forum
Simone Della Tommasa Evaluation of villous synovium from unaffected metacarpophalangeal joints of adult and juvenile horses Resident's Forum
Eva Dieterman Ex vivo comparison of single layer interrupted, single layer continuous and double layer suture techniques for equine jejunal end-to-end anastomosis. Resident's Forum
Rabea Haddad Ninety one Ovariectomies for Granulosa Cell Tumor: Breeding Performance of the Mares and Histopathological Features of the Ovaries. Resident's Forum
Augustin Lenoir Ex vivo comparison of a UV-polymerizable methacrylate adhesive versus a two-layer hand-sewn jejuno-jejunal anastomosis in horses Resident's Forum
Siobhan McQuillan A standardized protocol for optimum volume of iodinated contrast at a constant concentration for use in computed arthrography of the equine antebrachiocarpal and middle carpal joints. Resident's Forum
Ludovic Miagkoff Cannabinoid receptor are expressed in equine synovium and upregulated with synovitis Resident's Forum
Endrigo Pompermayer Bilateral Castration with Electrosurgical Scrotectomy and Primary Closure in the Horse. Resident's Forum
Hanna Vermedal Outcome analysis of 95 harness racehorses with confirmed dorsal displacement of the soft palate treated with laryngeal tie-forward surgery Resident's Forum
Kate Averay Features of the Equine Small Intestinal Mesenteric Attachment Predisposing to Leakage Poster
Anna Biazik Foreign body in the linea alba as a cause of chronic problem in the horse Poster
Simone Della Tommasa Injury of the sustentaculum tali associated with tenosynovitis of the tarsal sheath: clinical presentation, surgical management and outcome of 5 cases Poster
Deborah Penteado Martins Dias Surgery and rehabilitation in a case of multiple fractures of the thoracolumbar dorsal spinous processes in a horse Poster
Kajsa Gustafsson Surgical repair of congenital lateral luxation of the patella using a polypropylene mesh in two Arabian foals Poster
Hanna Haardt Comparison of the ability of two different ultrasound transducers to identify abdominal organs in clinically healthy horses Poster
Orr Haion Intramural jejunal haematoma in an Arabian mare– Clinical presentation, diagnosis, treatment and results. Poster
Kristyna Hargitaiova Surgical treatment of a postoperative iatrogenic synovial hernia of the carpal tendon sheath in a horse Poster
Jan M. Kümmerle Effect of reducing bone to cast distance in equine transfixation pin casts: ex vivo biomechanical study Poster
Filip Koľvek Pastern joint arthrodesis in a filly with subchondral bone cyst in the proximal phalanx Poster
Olivier M. Lepage Effect of allogeneic mesenchymal stromal oral mucosa cells on equine wound repair Poster
Lucio Petrizzi Concurrent cecocolic intussusception and large colon displacement associated with a heavy jejunal ascarid burden in a foal Poster
Ida Sjöberg In Vivo and In Vitro Ageing of a 3D-printed Resorbable Device for Ligation of Tissue in Equines Poster
Adeline Tischmacher Safety of tiludronate : retrospective study on 1804 horses Poster
Dorothea Tress Diverse treatment strategies for horses with ‘Kissing spines’ – international survey of equine orthopaedic specialists Poster
Tatiana Vinardell Establishing a Metabolic Performance Profile for Endurance Race Horses Poster