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Accepted abstracts - Large Animal

27th Annual Scientific Meeting, July 5-7, 2018, Athenaeum InterContinental, Athens, Greece

Presenting author: Abstract title: Accepted for:
Anthony Blikslager Randomized Control Trial Comparing Flunixin Meglumine and Firocoxib in Equine Small Intestinal Strangulating Obstruction Scientific session - General
Palle Brink Choanal atresia treated with membranous ablation and septal removal in 9 horses Scientific session - General
Anna Ehrle Histological examination of the interspinous ligament in horses with overriding dorsal spinous processes Scientific session - General
Alex Gillen Descriptive study of the use of teletherapy in non-cutaneous tumours Scientific session - General
Rhea Maria Anna Haralambus Does fasting reduce the risk of post-anaesthetic colic in horses? Scientific session - General
Maarten Haspeslagh Clinical diagnosis of equine sarcoids : accuracy assessment against histopathology and the development of a diagnostic protocol Scientific session - General
Cajsa Marie Isgren High multi-drug resistance in third generation cephalosporin resistant E. coli isolated from horses at five equine hospitals in the UK Scientific session - General
Milja Koskinen Racing performance following laryngeal tie-forward and soft palate thermocautery in National Hunt Thoroughbred racehorses Scientific session - General
Gonzalo Marañón MAPK activation can modulate the glycocalyx injury secondary to intestinal ischemia/reperfusion Scientific session - General
Céline Isabelle Mespoulhès-Rivière Functional assessment of combined laryngeal reinnervation and pacing for unilateral vocal fold paralysis in naturally affected horses - a long term study Scientific session - General
Gil Oreff A comparison of two skin closure techniques on the prevalence of incisional complications following emergency abdominal surgery in horses Scientific session - General
Gil Oreff Surgical management of foreign body obstruction of the small and large colons in 29 equids (2004-2016) Scientific session - General
Thomas van Bergen Retrospective analysis of 145 Epiploic Foramen Entrapment colic surgeries in a referral hospital on the European continent (2008-2016). Scientific session - General
Ditte Cecilie Vemming Description of the Anatomical Appearances of Infundibula in Maxillary Cheek Teeth using Computed Tomography Compared with Oral Examination in Different Age Groups of Horses. Scientific session - General
Martin Waselau Management of Equine Ataxia Caused by Cervical Vertebral Stenotic Myelopathy – A European Perspective Scientific session - General
Andrew Bathe Neurectomy of the Deep Branch of the Lateral Palmar Nerve As a Treatment for Chronic Equine Forelimb Proximal Suspensory Desmitis: 23 Cases Scientific session - Orthopaedics
Andrew Bathe Leucocyte-Rich and Leucocyte-Poor Platelet Concentrates for the Treatment of Equine Intra-Synovial Pathology – a Clinical Follow-Up of 70 Cases Scientific session - Orthopaedics
Adam Biedrzycki Development of a linear diode array and x-ray fan beam to acquire standing images of the equine pelvic region with volumetric imaging potential. Scientific session - Orthopaedics
Harold Brommer Use of a non-resorbable bi-layered implant for joint resurfacing in the treatment of deep osteochondral defects Scientific session - Orthopaedics
Cristian Castillo Franz Cytokine and growth factor release from normal equine suspensory ligament explants cultured with platelet-rich gel supernatants Scientific session - Orthopaedics
Pablo Espinosa-Mur 18F-Sodium Fluoride Positron Emission Tomography findings of the equine tarsal and proximal metatarsal regions. Scientific session - Orthopaedics
Agnieszka Florczyk Evaluation of dynamic serum amyloid A changes in equine septic synovitis Scientific session - Orthopaedics
Martin Genton Standing MRI for surgical planning of equine fracture repair Scientific session - Orthopaedics
Kati Glass Humeral fracture intramedullary, interlocking nail and plate fixation in 15 horses less than 1 year of age (1999-2013) Scientific session - Orthopaedics
Rhea Maria Anna Haralambus Detection of synovial sepsis in horses with a novel hand-held fast enzyme assay Scientific session - Orthopaedics
Jan M. Kümmerle The problem of pin breakage in equine transfixation pin casting: biomechanical ex vivo testing of four different pins Scientific session - Orthopaedics
Morgane Schambourg Arthrocentesis and arthroscopic exploration of the dorsal aspect of the radiocarpal and intercarpal joints in the Dromedary Camel Scientific session - Orthopaedics
Bjørn Wormstrand Septic Arthritis/Osteomyelitis in Foals May Lead to Osteochondral lesions Scientific session - Orthopaedics
Linda Wright Arthroscopic Approach and Intra-Articular Anatomy of the Equine Atlantooccipital Joint Scientific session - Orthopaedics
Ditte Marie Top Adler Thoracotomy with rib resection for experimental access to the heart in horses Resident's Forum
Fabienne Bach Surgical Enlargement of the Nasomaxillary Aperture and Transnasal Conchotomy of the Ventral Conchal Sinus: Combining two surgical techniques to improve sinus drainage in 6 equine cadaver specimens Resident's Forum
Christopher Baldwin Radiographic and arthroscopic features of third carpal bone slab fractures and the impact on racing performance following arthroscopic repair in a population of racing Thoroughbreds in the UK. Resident's Forum
Ann Derham Comparison of 201 Thoroughbred racehorses’ performances before and after desmotomy of the interspinous ligament with that of matched cohorts. Resident's Forum
Robyn Graham Metabolite profiling of synovial fluid as an early predictor for palmar osteochondral disease in the Thoroughbred racehorse Resident's Forum
Guillaume Manneveau Comparison of morphological changes and tactile sensitivity of the pharynx and larynx between four standing sedative and analgesic protocols in 8 adult healthy horses. Resident's Forum
Leah McGlinchey In Vitro Evaluation of the Mechanical and Physical Properties of the Forwarder Knot Exposed to Fluid Media Using Large Gauge Suture Resident's Forum
Andrea Noguera Cender Evaluation of an alternative technique for resection of the manica flexoria in an equine cadaver model Resident's Forum
Ana Velloso Alvarez Management of Rib Fractures in Equine Neonates: Surgical vs Conservative Therapy Associated with Short & Long-term Outcome Resident's Forum
Linda Wright Axial Skeleton/Pelvic Osteomyelitis in Foals: Diagnostic Utility of CT, Treatment and Outcome: 6 cases Resident's Forum
Cristian Castillo Franz In vitro effect of platelet-rich plasma on histology characteristics of the suspensory ligament of horses Poster
Peter Clements Case series of 10 horses diagnosed with monorchidism based on clinical findings from exploratory laparotomy or standing laparoscopy Poster
Florent David Complete resection of the alar folds in the standing horse Poster
Claire de Fourmestraux Caudal maxillary sinusitis associated with supernumerary cheek teeth in three horses Poster
Ann Derham Surgical treatment of a depressed, comminuted zygomatic arch fracture in a Thoroughbred colt foal using a locking compression plate Poster
Agnieszka Florczyk Nosocomial infections with multi- resistant bacteria in colic patients. Poster
Jennifer Godfrey Increased regional limb perfusion volume improves antibiotic concentrations in synovial and interstitial fluid Poster
Liara Gonzalez Successful culture of equine intestinal stem cells following delayed sample storage Poster
Kajsa Gustafsson Periosteal rotational flaps in primary repair of equine sinofacial fractures: A report on 7 cases. Poster
Manuel Iglesias Garcia Clinical findings and management of 7 cases with subtendinous bursitis of the long digital extensor tendon in the fetlock Poster
Oliver James Comparison of a clamped with a non-clamped drill guide for drilling equine 3rd metacarpal/tarsal condyles Poster
Pablo Jimenez Rihuete Concentration of dipotassium ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid but not lithium heparin affects total protein determination in equine synovial fluid. Poster
Lacy Kamm The search for an immune privileged allogeneic mesenchymal stem cell for use in equine medicine. Poster
Gal Kelmer What are the factors associated with surgical site infection in horses? A prospective study: 2011-2013 Poster
Guillaume Manneveau Arthroscopic ultrasound technique for qualitative assessment of ligaments, meniscus, cartilage and subchondral bone in the cranial compartment of the medial femorotibial joint in 6 healthy adult horses. Poster
Deborah Penteado Martins Dias Efficacy of faecal microbiota transplantation for treating acute colitis in horses following colic surgery Poster
Leah McGlinchey Recurrence of a paranasal osteoma following surgical removal in a 6-month-old Warmblood filly Poster
Susana Monteiro Single intra-articular injection of high concentrated hyaluronic acid - a pilot study in horses Poster
Maarten Oosterlinck Guillotine vs. pull-through technique for palmar digital neurectomy: A retrospective study on 40 horses Poster
Raymond Pujol Mycotic rhinitis and paranasal sinusitis in six horses (2013-2017) Poster
Matthew Sinovich Investigation of blood serum amyloid A concentrations in horses to differentiate synovial sepsis from inflammation and determine prognosis and response to treatment. Poster
Sophia Sommerauer Successful treatment of equine Lyme borreliosis causing polyarthritis, uveitis and hyperesthesia Poster
Panagiota Tyrnenopoulou Rheological characterization in synovial fluid of Thoroughbred and Warmblood horses with osteoarthritis Poster
Marlies Verkade Ultrasonographic evaluation of the normal equine linea alba Poster
Emilie Maria Sophia Visser Pressure algometry as a technique to quantify abdominal wall sensitivity in horses after ventral midline celiotomy. Poster