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Accepted abstracts - Large Animal

32nd Annual Scientific Meeting, July 6-8, 2023, Cracow, Poland

Note: Final acceptance of abstracts may depend on any issues raised by the reviewers being addressed satisfactorily – individual authors will be contacted directly, and asked to respond within 14 days.

Presenting author: Abstract title: Accepted for:
HK. Barnes Evaluation of bacterial surgical site contamination in equine digital flexor tendon sheath endoscopy in an ex-vivo cadaver model using pervious and impervious drapes Scientific session - General
NM. Biermann Treatment of advanced dental disease and associated osteomyelitis in new world camelids –diagnosis, treatment and long term outcome (24 cases) Scientific session - General
S. Brandt A potent immunotherapeutic vaccine for the treatment of equine sarcoids and underlying bovine papillomavirus infection Scientific session - General
P. Brink Treating choanal atresia of 9 horses by ablating the buccopharyngeal septum and excising the nasal septum Scientific session - General
M. Duggan Internal fixation of 4 incomplete, articular, proximal third metatarsal/metacarpal bone fractures Scientific session - General
JA. Findley Outcome following arthroscopic-guided medication of stifle cysts in a UK Thoroughbred population Scientific session - General
C. Jiménez Radiographic assessment of the variable length of hindlimb splint bones to determine the risk of iatrogenic penetration of the metatarsophalangeal joint while performing a low 6 point nerve block. Scientific session - General
MP. Kerbert Racing performance and sale result in 145 Thoroughbreds after arthroscopic removal of osteochondral fragments from the lateral femoral trochlear ridge as a yearling (2012-2015) Scientific session - General
FJ. López-Sanromán Ultrasonographic features of left dorsal displacement of the large colon in horses Scientific session - General
EMT. Müller How valuable is computed tomography for assessment of the equine proximal suspensory ligament? Scientific session - General
G. Nakken Cytokine enrichment in conditioned serum is not reliant on glass beads Scientific session - General
K. Olstad The central and third tarsal bones of foals grow by endochondral and intramembranous ossification, and can develop osteochondrosis due to vascular failure Scientific session - General
CS. Sandow Arthroscopic removal of dorsal accessory carpal bone osteochondral fragments in 41 Thoroughbred yearlings Scientific session - General
AS. Kallerud Computed tomographic closure times for growth plates in the cervical spine of horses, including the rarely described neurocentral synchondrosis Scientific session - General
CMT. Taddey Head movement asymmetry of sound and naturally lame horses trotting on a circle on hard and soft surface Scientific session - General
CMT. Taddey Relation of head and withers movement asymmetry in sound and forelimb lame horses on hard and soft ground using inertial sensors Scientific session - General
KL. Duncan Five cases of comminuted fracture of the accessory carpal bone where fragments articulating with the antebrachiocarpal joint were removed by arthroscopy in the standing horse. Scientific session - General
H. Vermedal Unilateral and bilateral compression of the epiglottis during poll flexion in harness racehorses Scientific session - General
T. Willems Early enteral nutrition (EEN) in the post-operative colic: influence on the gastrointestinal motility, time to first defecation and time to hospital discharge Scientific session - General
P. Jimenez-Rihuete Effect of collection method on synovial fluid bacterial culture. Scientific session - Orthopaedics
MB. Blatter Performance of Warmblood horses after tenoscopic desmotomy of the accessory ligament of the superficial digital flexor tendon for treatment of tendinitis: 62 cases Resident's Forum
N. Bolz Diagnostic performance of multidetector computed tomography arthrography and 3 Tesla magnetic resonance imaging to diagnose experimentally created cartilage lesions in equine cadaver stifles. Resident's Forum
L-A. Donard A Comparison of Arthroscopy and Computed Tomography Arthrography of the Equine Stifle: a Retrospective Study of 26 Clinical Cases Resident's Forum
OH. Haion Incisional complications after skin closure with stainless-steel skin staples compared to sutures in horses undergoing colic surgery. Resident's Forum
U. Maire Biomechanical testing of different laryngoplasty suture: comparison of 9 constructs in ex vivo larynx. Resident's Forum
A. Meurice Retroperitoneoscopy of the presacral space in horses: surgical anatomy and access Resident's Forum
MC. Pressanto Comparison of radiographic findings of the thoracolumbar spinous processes between yearling and trained thoroughbred horses. Resident's Forum
T. Pudert Retrospective study on intraabdominal adhesions diagnosed by laparoscopy in equids: 273 cases Resident's Forum
FS. Sauer Osteoarthritis of the coxofemoral joint in horses: Evaluation of radiography, ultrasonography, intraarticular analgesia, treatment and outcome in 24 cases Resident's Forum
AJ. Shanklin Peri-operative antimicrobial use by equine surgery specialists: a survey of diplomates of the American & European Colleges of Veterinary Surgeons Resident's Forum
GC. Quinn Acute delamination of articular cartilage in the medial femoral tibial joint and femoral patellar joint following medication of the medial femorotibial joint with Triamcinolone Acetonide in Thoroughbred yearlings for the treatment of subchondral cyst-like lesions; A series of 4 cases. Poster
NM. Bolz Computer tomography examination and diagnostic-therapeutic arthroscopy in four horses with caudal cruciate ligament avulsion fractures Poster
A. Drahonovska Repair of Upper Eyelid Laceration’s using a sliding skin flap Poster
M. Foucaud Hemangiosarcoma in the digital flexor tendon sheath of a horse: clinical findings and diagnostic approach Poster
TG. Geiger Surgical repair of a vesicovaginal fistula in an American miniature horse with urinary incontinence Poster
LH. Haegeman Successful surgical treatment of a large ossifying fibroma in the maxilla of a horse. Poster
LH. Haegeman Successful surgical management of an osteosarcoma of the parietal bone in a foal. Poster
OH. Haion Rostral Mandibulectomy as a treatment for pars incisive comminute fractures and fibro-Osseous lesions: A retrospective study including six cases. Poster
M. Hibner-Szaltys Keratoma removal in 21 standing sedated horses: surgical technique, postoperative complications and long-term outcomes Poster
S. Izing Biomechanical comperative study of absorbable screws Poster
P. Jimenez-Rihuete Ophthalmic complications associated with inadvertent neuropraxia following maxillary nerve anaesthesia in five horses. Poster
GK. Kelmer Will intra-incisional medical grade honey decrease the incidence of incisional infection in horses undergoing colic surgery? A multicentric study. Poster
J. Koenig Mesenchymal stromal cells for the treatment of surgically induced equine fetlock osteoarthritis Poster
K. Tothová Dysphagia secondary to the guttural pouch mycosis treated with a bilateral trans-endoscopic laser salpingopharyngostomy and topical voriconazole. Poster
B. Obrochta Marsupialization of the umbilical vein for the treatment of umbilical vein infection with or without liver abscessation in 11 foals. Poster
C. Paindaveine Use of a 3D-printed saw-guide to correct an angular limb deformity in an Alpaca Poster
ZS. Pál Filling of donor-site channels after autologous osteochondral mosaicplasty Poster
MJ. Perrier Fractures involving the equine facial bones: a review of 13 cases (2018-2022) Poster
DD. Quinteros Wedge ostectomy in a proximal phalanx and fixation with a central plate and two compression screws for correcting post-fracture varus deviation in a 15-year-old Criollo horse Poster
A. Schwieder Fatal complication associated with chemical ablation of an equine parotic salivary gland Poster
TJP. Spoormakers Treatment of equine mandibular aneurysmal bone cysts with ß-tricalcium phosphate Poster
J. Jarry An ex-vivo pilot study to assess the feasibility of 3D-printing of orbital implants in horses Poster
N. Verhaar LASER Doppler flowmetry and spectrophotometry as ancillary diagnostic method to determine intestinal viability in horses with strangulating small intestinal lesions Poster
F. Winberg Osteophyte formation in the fragment bed of the Intermediate Ridge of the distal Tibia Poster