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33rd Annual Scientific Meeting proceedings

Stream: SA   |   Session: Small Animal Resident Forum - Soft Tissue
Date/Time: 06-07-2023 (19:45 - 20:00)   |   Location: Chamber Hall
Wavelength-Dependent Effects of Photobiomodulation for Wound Care in Diabetic Wounds
Sutalo S1, Dungel P2, Keibl C2, Rieger S2, Slezak P2
1Klinik für kleine Haustiere, Fachbereich Veterinärmedizin, Freie Universität Berlin, Berlin, Germany, 2Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Experimental and Clinical Traumatology, AUVA Research Center, Vienna, Austria.

Photobiomodulation, which offers positive effects on wound healing processes, has been performed mainly with lasers in the red/infrared spectrum. Light of shorter wavelengths can significantly influence biological systems. This study aimed to evaluate and compare the therapeutic effects of pulsed LED light of different wavelengths on wound healing in a diabetic (db/db) mouse excision wound model.

Materials and Methods
Wounds were excised and treated with different wavelengths for 6 minutes every other day for 28 days. LED therapy was applied at either 470 nm (blue), 540 nm (green) or 635 nm (red) at 50 mW/cm2 each. Wound size and wound perfusion were assessed and correlated with wound temperature and light absorption in the tissue.  

Red light and green light positively stimulated wound healing, whilst blue light showed no effect on wound healing. Light absorption was wave-length-dependent and was associated with significantly increased wound perfusion as measured by laser Doppler imaging. Shorter wavelengths ranging from green to blue significantly increased wound surface temperature, whereas red light, which penetrates deeper into tissue, led to a significant increase in core body temperature.

Wound treatment with pulsed red or green light resulted in improved wound healing in diabetic mice. LED therapy may be a cost-effective and easily applied supportive treatment for wound therapy. In order to offer the most effective treatment to patients, uniform treatment methods regarding energy density, duration and period have to be created.

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