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Annual Scientific Meeting, Berlin, Germany, 2-4 July 2015

Join us in Berlin in 2015

Berlin is our destination for our 2015 Annual Scientific Meeting! Easily accessible by train and car and by direct flights from most cities in Europe and the rest of the world.

Berlin is one of the most exciting and historically interesting cities in Europe and it speaks for itself.

The hotel InterContinental caters for all our needs – from luxurious accommodation to excellent congress facilities with exquisite food and beverage offers. The venue is centrally located – within walking distance of the shopping centre of Berlin, just next to the Berlin Zoo and the famous recreational park – the Tiergarten.

For more information on Berlin, its sights and the beautiful lake region around Berlin - please visit the official Berlin tourist website.

Reservation of accommodation at the InterContinental Berlin

We would like to give you the opportunity to profit from a reduced booking rate at the InterContinental in Berlin as mentioned below. In these rates the breakfast is included.

Room rate Superior Deluxe Junior Suite
Single use € 150.- ~ € 175.- € 225.-
Double use € 175.- ~ € 200.- € 250.-

Please book your accommodation for ECVS 2015 via this direct link to the Hotel Intercontinental.

Make your plans now for next summer and join us in Berlin. Maybe even think of a family vacation in Berlin combined with a trip to the beautiful sights of the region of Brandenburg.

Online registratiion
Click here to register online >

Exhibitor/sponsor requests
If you wish to register your interest as either as an exhibitor or sponsor, please log in to 'Your ECVS' and click 'Exhibitor / Sponsor Request >' . If you do not have a login, please request one by contacting us.

First ECVS Merial Hyonate Run!

Friday training at 06.30-07.30 and 18.30-19.30

Offical Run on Saturday morning at 06.30 h  - click here for more information

to register for the training and the run - please send an email to: Matthias Rettig at: Matthias.Rettig@fu-berlin.de

Spouse Programme

  • Friday July 3 - Walking tour - Discover Berlin  from 09.00 to 13.00 h   /  € 40.-

  • Saturday July 4 - Daytrip to Postdam, Prussia's Wonderland - from 08.15 h to about 15.00 h /  € 75.-

see details pdf

Saturday evening highlight - Farewell party at the "Schwangeren Auster"

Thanks to the generous support of Merial, Boehringer Ingelheim and MDS Germany we are happy to offer a Boat transfer to the evening venue. This will give you the oportunity to slow down after the three days congress and to enjoy part of the Berlin sights from the water.


Scientific Programme is now available see PDF

Wednesday 1st of July - Wet-lab & Workshop

Equine Lameness workshop
09:00 – 17:00 Equine training center Bad Saarow

Mandibulofacial surgery Wet-lab
07:45 - 19:00 Freie Universität Berlin

Thursday 2nd of July -  exclusively for residents

Resident training session: Equine soft tissue case discussion
13:00 – 15:00, Hotel InterContinental
By Tijn Spoormakers and Anton Fürst

Target group: Large animal residents only and preferrably examination candidates or residents submitting their credentials 
During this 2-hour session before the start of the congress, a specific training in one of the domains of veterinary surgery will be organized just for residents. After the successful bovine session and the equine orthopaedics from the past two years this time Equine soft tissue cases will be the topic of the third large animal resident training session. Two former exam committee members specialized in the field of equine soft tissue will present clinical cases and ask specific questions on diagnostic methods and differential diagnosis, approach to the case, treatment, prognosis….Afterwards, all answers are presented followed by an interactive discussion about the cases.

Main programme – Large Animals

Thursday 2nd  of July

• Opening lecture
• Resident forum

Welcome get together at the InterContinental Hotel right after the session

Friday 3rd of July

• In depth session on the equine head
• In depth session on equine orthopaedic / lameness problems
• Case-based discussion: what can you learn from my complications
• “Meet the expert” session at noon
• Short communications: general surgery
• ECVS Annual Business Meeting
• Residents' lecture during the ABM

Saturday 4th of July

• In depth session on fracture repair
• In depth session on colic
• “Meet the expert” session at noon
• Short communications: orthopaedic surgery
• Poster session
• Closing “Jörg Auer lecture”:.

“Meet the expert” session at noon


  • Tricks and pitfalls in maxillofacial surgery
    H. Tremaine
  • Management of fractures of the radius and ulna in young horses
    A. Ruggles


  • Nasal discharge from snot to tears: The methodology and decision tree of management.
    J. Carmalt
  • Colic in neonates
    A. Blikslager

Pre-congress courses

Wednesday 1st of July

Infiniti Medical NPWT & Surgical Stapling Lab ECVS 2015

07:50 - 12:30 at the hotel InterContinental 

Thursday 2nd of July

Infiniti Medical Tracheal, Urethral & Ureteral Stenting Lab ECVS 2015

07:50 - 13:30 at the hotel InterContinental 

Rita Leibinger Medical

Cervical Intervertebral Fusion Implant

C-LOX -  a Wobbler syndrome Implant that works. C-LOX has been developed by RITA LEIBINGER in cooperation with Professor Dr. Franck Forterre, Bern University (Switzerland).

09:00-13:00 at Freie Universität Berlin. Departure from the hotel InterContinental at approx. 07:00 by bus to Freie Universität Berlin.


Proximal Abducting Ulnar Osteotomy (PAUL)

Medial compartment disease of the canine elbow is a common, highly debilitating orthopedic condition in need of a better treatment. The Proximal Abducting Ulnar Osteotomy (PAUL) procedure, invented and developed by Dr. Ingo Pfeil and KYON Veterinary Surgical Products, imposes a corrective limb alignment, aimed at unloading the medial compartment. The procedure, as currently practiced with the special Advanced Locking Plate System (ALPS) implants, presents relatively low morbidity and has met clinical expectations of some hundred surgeons who have performed over 2'000 procedures in the last several years. The course includes a dry lab on a plastic elbow model.

08.00 - 15.30 h at the hotel InterContinental


Simulated intracorporeal suturing and knot tying practice

The workshop will be held at the Karl Storz GmbH in Berlin. More information to the course venu and indication how to get there  PDF


Thursday 2nd of July -  exclusively for residents

Resident training session: case discussion
13:00 – 15:00, Hotel InterContinental
By Jackie Demetriou and Daniel Damur

Target group: Small animal residents only and preferrably examination candidates or residents submitting their credentialsSeveral examples of Orthopaedic/Neurology and Soft Tissue case based and practical questions will be shown. This will also be the opportunity for you to ask questions.This session is open to all trainees but will be most valuable for senior residents, residents who have just submitted their credentials and for candidates retaking part I (case-based) and / or II (practical) of the examination.

Main programme – Small Animals

Also this year the small animal programme will continue to offer three different parallel sessions. Orthopaedics – Evidence based medicine in Small Animal Orthopaedics, Shoulder Problems
Neurosurgery – Cervical Spinal Disease
Soft Tissue – Thoracoscopy and chylothorax (VES), Cardiac surgery, Abdominal surgery and Hernias.

Thursday 2nd of July

Opening lecture
Resident forum with two parallel sessions – orthopaedics and soft tissue, each with ten residents' abstracts

Welcome get together at the InterContinental Hotel right after the session

Friday 3rd  of July

• Orthopaedics :

  • Evidence based medicine in Small Animal Orthopaedics, including Arthroscopy,
  • Regenerative medicine,
  • Joint replacement,
  • Cranial cruciate ligament insufficiency,
  • Limb salvage,
  • MIPO,
  • Osteotomy for elbow disease,
  • Treatment of chondral defects

• Veterinary Endoscopic Society (VES): In depth session on thoracoscopy and chylothorax
• Soft tissue in depth session on cardiac surgery
•  “Meet the expert” sessions at midday break
• Short communications
• ECVS Annual Business Meeting
• Residents' lecture during ABM

Saturday 4th of July

• Orthopaedics: Shoulder Problems
• Neurosurgery: Cervical Spinal Disease
• Soft tissue: in depth topic sessions on gastrointestinal and biliary surgery, portosystemic shunts and hernias.
•  “Meet the expert” sessions at noon
• Short communications
• Poster session
Closing “Jörg Auer lecture”
Awards and closing speeches will immediately follow the Jörg Auer lecture.

Closing social event at a special venue down town Berlin

“Meet the expert” session at noon


  • Medial compartment disease of the canine elbow – Matching the treatment to the scope image
    N. Fitzpatrick
  • Osteochondral resurfacing – clinical use of autografts and allografts
    P. Böttcher
  • Minimally invasive surgery; Controversies in case selection
    B. Franson


  • Regenerative medicine for tendon and ligament injuries in dogs
    S. Canapp
  • Multimodal therapy conservative management for orthopaedic disease. Does it actually work
    S. Budsberg
  • Cervical Disc Arthroplasty for Disc Associated Wobbler Syndrome in Dogs – Lessons learnt from clinical cases
    F. Adamo
  • Off bypass cardiac surgery
    A. Pelosi


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